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Track   Works Cited.   DOCX  PDF  

A list of all sources cited in All the Light Here Comes from Above, both published and unpublished.

Track   Published Works of Edward Hitchcock.   DOCX  PDF

A complete list of the works published by Edward Hitchcock including close to 50 books, about 125 articles in scholarly journals, and at least 60 newspaper articles. Links to digital editions of most of Hitchcock's books are also provided.      


Track   Database of the Sermons of Edward Hitchcock.    XLSX

A complete list of the sermons of Edward Hitchcock including title and date of the first delivery of each. Includes approximately 250 sermons, most of which are held at the Amherst College Archives in Amherst, Massachusetts, or at the Henry N. Flynt Library, Deerfield, Massachusetts. A few dozen have also been published.

Track    The Descendants of Edward and Orra White Hitchcock

A list of the eight children, twenty grandchildren, and twenty great-grandchildren of the Hitchcocks including biographical information and links to death notices, obituaries, and other documents.

Track    The World of Edward Hitchcock Then and Now:
         A Photographic Tour  

Slide ShowMany of the landmarks in the life of Edward Hitchcock including homes, institutions, buildings, and points of geographical interest, are still visible today, 160 years after his death. This 4-minute slide show presents 45 images from the world of Edward Hitchcock, past and present. You may view it as a PowerPoint presentation (requires MS PowerPoint or other presentation software) or as a video (requires Windows Media Player or other video player).





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