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    (Clockwise from lower left) Cleveland Storrs, Margaret Randolph Hitchcock Emerson,
Dr. Edward Hitchcock, Jr., Dr. Charles H. Hitchcock, Charles Bigelow Storrs,
Caroline Judson Hitchcock, Pauline Hitchcock Klauss, Jane Elizabeth Hitchcock

Listed below are three generations of Hitchcocks including Edward and Orra's eight children, twenty grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren. Obituaries and other related documents may be seen by clicking on highlighted names.

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1. EDWARD HITCHCOCK (b 1822, d 1824): Edward, the Hitchcock's first child, lived all his short life in Conway, Massachusetts. He died on March 15, 1824, at 22 months of age.

2. MARY HITCHCOCK (b 1824, d 1899): Mary attended Mount Holyoke Female Seminary for two years. Some time after the deaths of her parents, she moved to Hanover, New Hampshire, and lived the remainder of her life with her brother Charles and family.

3. CATHARINE HITCHCOCK (b 1826, d 1895): After attending Mount Holyoke Female Seminary for two years, Catherine married Rev. Henry M. Storrs (b 1827, d 1894) in 1852. The couple lived for a time in Cincinnati, Ohio, then in Brooklyn, New York, then in Orange, New Jersey. They had four children, Mary (9), Charles (10), Katharine (11), and Richard (12).

EHJ4. DR. EDWARD HITCHCOCK, JR. (b 1828, d 1911): Upon graduation from Amherst College, Edward, Jr., attended Harvard Medical School. He married Mary L. Judson (b 1831, d 1918) in 1853. The couple lived at Williston Seminary in Easthampton where Edward taught until he was appointed professor of Hygiene and Physical Education at Amherst College in 1862. He was a pioneer in the field of college physical education. The couple lived in Amherst for the remainder of their lives and had ten children, Edward (13), Caroline (14), Charles (15), Lucy (16), Jane (17), Henry (18), Ruth (19), John (20), Lewis (21), and Albert (22).

5. Unnamed child (b 1832, d 1832)

6. JANE ELIZABETH HITCHCOCK (b 1833, d 1894): After completing two years at Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, Jane married educator Granville Putnam (b 1835, d 1900) in 1864. The couple lived in the Boston area for the remainder of their lives. They had no children. 

CHH7. DR. CHARLES HENRY HITCHCOCK (b 1836, d 1919): Charles graduated from Amherst College in 1856, earned an M.A. there in 1858, and married Martha Barrows (b 1837, d 1892) in 1862. The couple lived in Andover, Massachusetts, for several years, then moved to Hanover, New Hampshire, where Charles was professor of geology until his retirement in 1908. He was a pioneer in the fields of New England regional and glacial geology. The couple had five children: Arthur (23), Maria (24), Edward (25), Martha (26), and Alleine (27). In 1894, after the death of his first wife, Charles married her sister, Charlotte Barrows (b 1840, d 1922). The couple moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1908 and lived there for the remainder of their lives.      

EHT8. EMILY HITCHCOCK (b 1838, d 1921): Emily attended Mount Holyoke Female Seminary for three years. After the deaths of her parents, she attended Cooper Union in New York City. She married Rev. Cassius M. Terry (b 1845, d 1881) in 1870. The couple moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, where their one child, Edward (28), was born in 1872 and died a few months later. Cassius died in 1881, after which Emily moved back to Massachusetts. She was an accomplished botanical artist and illustrator and worked at Smith College for the last thirty years of her life. Photograph courtesy of Amherst College Archives and Special Collections.


9. MARY STORRS (b 1857, d 1857)

10. CHARLES BIGELOW STORRS (b 1859, d 1931): Charles attended Yale, studied law at Columbia, then worked as an attorney, a judge, and for a number of years as a member of the New Jersey legislature. He married Gertrude Maria Cleveland (b 1864, d 1940) in 1897. The couple lived most of their married life in Orange, New Jersey.  They had one child, Cleveland (29).

 Katharine Storrs

11. KATHARINE STORRS (b 1862, d 1934): Katharine lived most of her adult life in Orange, New Jersey, where she was active in church and charitable work.


12. RICHARD SALTER STORRS (b 1865, d 1939): Richard attended Yale, then worked as an investment broker and banker. He married Anna Kingsbury Simpson (b 1869, d 1921) in 1907 and lived in Orange, New Jersey. They had one child, Richard, Jr. (30).

EH313. DR. EDWARD HITCHCOCK (b 1854, d 1925): Edward earned both B.A. and M.A. degrees from Amherst College, then went on to study medicine at Dartmouth College. He practiced in Amherst, then taught at Amherst College, Massachusetts Agricultural College, and Cornell University. He married Ida Isabelle Bering (b 1857, d 1884) in 1882. They had one child, Edward B. (31). After Ida's death, Edward married journalist Sarah D. Fuertes (b 1868, d 1961) in 1888. They had one child, Katharine (32).

14. CAROLINE JUDSON HITCHCOCK (b 1857, d 1944): Caroline graduated from Mount Holyoke Female Seminary in 1880, and taught chemistry, biology, and physics for forty years, first in Amherst, Massachusetts, then in Meriden, Connecticut. She published many articles in scientific journals.

15. CHARLES NICHOLS HITCHCOCK (b 1859, d 1938): Charles worked as a clerk, bookkeeper, and tool shop mechanic. He married Carrie Malvina Goodnow (b 1861, d 1904) in 1887. After the death of his wife, Charles lived for a time with his parents in Amherst, then in Athol, Massachusetts.

16. LUCY CLARK HITCHCOCK( b 1861, d 1940): Lucy studied art at Cooper Union in New York City in 1883, then taught in New York, Amherst, and in the art department at Smith College.

JEH17. JANE ELIZABETH HITCHCOCK (b 1863, d 1939): Jane attended Mount Holyoke Female Seminary and Cornell University before enrolling at the New York Hospital Training School for Nurses where she completed her studies in 1891. For more than thirty years she was employed as a public health nurse and nurse supervisor at the New York Nurses' Settlement. She became a nationally-known leader in the field of public health nurse education, taught in nurse training programs, and wrote many articles on nursing education for professional journals.

18. HENRY JUDSON HITCHCOCK (b 1865, d 1867)

19. RUTH SHERMAN HITCHCOCK (b 1868, d 1868)

20. DR. JOHN SAWYER HITCHCOCK (b 1869, d 1928): John was a medical doctor who at one time was Calvin Coolidge's personal physician. He served in the medical corps during the Spanish-American War and was head of the Massachusetts State Board of Health Division of Communicable Diseases during the influenza pandemic of 1918-1919. He married Mary Waters Bryan (b 1870, d 1934) in 1898. The couple lived in Northampton, Massachusetts, where they raised two children, Margaret R. (33) and John (34).

21. LEWIS HENRY HITCHCOCK (b 1871, d 1873)

AWH22. ALBERT WHITE HITCHCOCK (b 1874, d 1942): An 1898 graduate of MIT, Albert served in Cuba during the Spanish American War, then worked as an engineer for Western Electric. He married Charlotte Frelinghuysen Emerson (b 1874, d 1957) in 1903. They lived for a time in Holland, Massachusetts. They adopted two children, Harold (35) and Pauline (36).

23. ARTHUR CHARLES HITCHCOCK (b 1863, d 1864)

24. MARIA PORTER HITCHCOCK (b 1867, d 1895): Maria attended Oberlin College preparatory school in 1883-4 and graduated from Abbot Academy in Andover, Mass., in 1886. She married Frederick J. Allen (b 1864, d 1927) in 1893. They had two children, Maria (37), and Charles (38). After Maria's death in 1895, Frederick married Wilhelmina Pingree (b 1870, d 1944). The couple had three children, Wilhelmina F. , Frederick C. , and Theodora B. Photograph courtesy of Dartmouth College Library.

25. EDWARD WHITE HITCHCOCK (b 1870, d 1876): Edward died of scarlet fever at the age of 5 years 10 months.

26. MARTHA BARROWS HITCHCOCK (b 1871, d 1928): Martha graduated from Miss Wheelock's School in Boston in 1898. She taught for a time in Hanover, New Hampshire, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. She moved to Honolulu, Hawaii, in about 1900, studied at the College of Hawaii, and taught in Honolulu. Photograph courtesy of Dartmouth College Library.

27. ALLEINE LEE HITCHCOCK (b 1873, d 1924): Alleine graduated from Abbot Academy in Andover in 1893 and the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, in 1903. She taught kindergarten in Brooklyn, Hanover, New Hampshire, and Honolulu, Hawaii. In about 1920 she and her sister Martha moved to Palm Springs, California. After Alleine's death, Martha endowed a library to be known as Alleine's Library, the first public library in Palm Springs. Photograph courtesy of Archives and Special Collections, Phillips Academy.                

28. EDWARD SWEET TERRY (b 1872, d 1872): Edward was born in St. Paul, Minnesota, in February, 1872, and died there at the age of five months.


CSH29. CLEVELAND HITCHCOCK STORRS (b 1900, d 1950): Cleveland graduated from Yale in 1923. He served in the U. S. Army in both World Wars, then worked as an investment broker and corporate executive. He married Mildred McKinley (b 1903, d 1974) in 1923. The couple had one child, Katharine Hitchcock Storrs (b 1921, d 2009) before they divorced. He later married Ruth Mattison (b 1920, d 1964) and the couple had one son, Cleveland.

30. RICHARD SALTER STORRS, JR. (b 1911, d 1994): Richard graduated from Yale in 1932, earned a law degree from Harvard in 1935, and worked as an attorney for the firm of Sullivan and Cromwell for over 40 years. He married Frances Rousmaniere (b 1912, d 1997); the couple had six children.


31. EDWARD BERING HITCHCOCK (b 1884, d 1966): Edward was an author, journalist, and foreign correspondent for the Chicago Daily News and the Christian Science Monitor.  He married opera singer Myrna D. Sharlow (b 1893, d 1952) in 1921. They had one child, Edward B., Jr. , (b 1924, d 2016) who graduated from Amherst College in 1949.

32. KATHARINE HITCHCOCK (b 1890, d 1983): Katharine graduated from Pratt Insitute in New York in 1911, then married Paul W. Cloud (b 1895, d 1969).  The couple lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota, then in Newton, Massachusetts. They had three children. In 1944, Katharine married Raymond D. Thompson (b 1916, d 1957).

MRH33. MARGARET RANDOLPH HITCHCOCK (b 1899, d 1985): Margaret graduated from Smith College in 1922, earned an MA in geology from Columbia in 1925, then taught geology and chemistry for many years. Later in life she worked as a reference librarian at Amherst College and curator of the collections of her grandfather, Dr.  Edward Hitchcock. She married Henry Seelye Emerson (b 1907, d 1946) in 1941. They had one adopted child, John H. Emerson.

34. JOHN HITCHCOCK (b 1904, d 1949): John attended Amherst College for several years, earned a degree in engineering from the University of Virginia in 1931, then worked as a civil engineer with the National Park Service. He married Rose Tarner King (b 1910, d 1971) in 1934. The couple lived in Virginia for a while before moving to New Mexico in the 1940s.

35. HAROLD FAULKNER HITCHCOCK (b 1913, d 1989): Harold grew up in Hartford, Connecticut, and worked at Pratt and Whitney Aircraft in East Hartford. He married Seville J. Miller (b 1915, d 2001) in 1938. The couple lived in Holland, Massachusetts, and had four children.

36. PAULINE B. HITCHCOCK (b 1904, d 1981): Pauline grew up in Hartford, Connecticut. and attended Smith College before pursuing a career as a social worker. She married Emil Klauss (b 1902, d 1993) in 1934 and the couple lived for a time in Ohio. They had three children. 


MCA37. MARIA C. ALLEN (b 1894, d 1973): Maria's birth name was Charlotte Lee; her name was changed in 1899 to Maria in honor of her  mother. She graduated from Boston University in 1917, then taught school. She was married twice, first to Herbert M. Purinton in about 1927, then to Clarence A. Storer (b 1887, d 1953), in 1937. The Storers lived in Melrose, Massachusetts, and in Cornish,  Maine.

CHA38. CHARLES HITCHCOCK ALLEN (b 1895, d 1979): Charles graduated from Boston University in 1919 and received his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1924. He was a well known and highly respected chemist who published many scientific papers in his lifetime, taught at B.U., Tufts, and McGill University, and worked for Eastman Kodak in Rochester, New York. He married Alberta Currie (b 1895, d 1893) in 1949. The couple had two children.


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