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In All the Light Here Comes from Above: The Life and Legacy of Edward Hitchcock, Massachusetts author Robert T. McMaster brings Edward Hitchcock to life for his readers. Relying largely on Hitchcock's own words from his letters, notes, and other unpublished manuscripts, McMaster presents an intimate view of the man, his scientific achievements and his theological writings, as well as his battles with powerful personal demons that threatened him at every turn. Each chapter is introduced with a vignette, a scene from the life of Edward Hitchcock or his family, that reveals the humanity of the man with dignity, charm, and humor.

DARIA D’ARIENZO, co-author of Orra White Hitchcock, 1796-1863: An Amherst Woman of Art and Science and Archivist of Meekins Library writes of All the Light Here Comes from Above: 

“One hundred fifty-six years after Hitchcock’s death, Robert T. McMaster revisits the life and scientific work of the noted New England geologist, capturing his relevance to the history of scientific study. McMaster engages the reader with a combination of well documented details of Hitchcock’s scientific endeavors and the use of imaginative introductory 'vignettes' to each chapter…McMaster’s new study demonstrates that Edward Hitchcock is worth a fresh look.”


All the
                                    Light Here Comes from Above

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Published by
Unquomonk Press
416 pages, over 100 illustrations,
notes, references, index

ISBN 978-0-9856944-9-4

HARD COVER:  ISBN 978-1-6662497-2-9


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All the Light Here Comes from Above

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