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All the images in All the Light Here Comes from Above: The Life and Legacy of Edward Hitchcock are listed below. Click on a thumbnail to view an image as well as source. Large high-resolution versions are also available for some images.

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Hitchcock portrait
Edward Hitchcock Edward Hitchcock

Page iv

Frontispiece Tracks
Page viii

Marble bust
Marble Bust Marble Bust
Page 9
Section I Deerfield
Deerfield Deerfield
Page 10
Figure 1 Map of Massachusetts
Map Map
Page 11
Chapter 1 Pocumtuck
Pocumtuck Pocumtuck
Page 17
Figure 2 Hitchcock house
Hitchcock House Hitchcock House
Page 19
Chapter 2 Sugarloaf Mountain
Sugarloaf Sugarloaf
Page 22
Figure 3 Winter in Deerfield
Winter in Deerfield
Page 24
Figure 4 George Washington
George Washington George Washington
Page 26
Figure 5 Jonathan Edwards
Jonathan Edwards Jonathan Edwards
Page 27
Figure 6 George Sheldon
George Sheldon
Page 29
Chapter 3 Deerfield Academy
Deerfield Academy Deerfield Academy
Page 31
Figure 7
Map of Deerfield
Page 37
Chapter 4
Comer of 1811
Comet of 1811
Page 39
Figure 8
Epaphras Hoyt
Epaphras Hoyt Epaphras Hoyt
Page 41
Figure 9
Country Almanack
Country Almanack Country Almanack
Page 44
Figure 10
Astronomical charts
Astronomical Charts Astronomical Charts
Page 47
Figure 11 Edmund M. Blunt
Edmund Blunt Edmund Blunt
Page 49
Chapter 5
Josephine and Napoleon
Josephine and Napoleon Josephine and Napoleon
Page 59
Chapter 6
Yale College
Yale Yale
Page 63
Figure 12
Titan's Piazza
Titan's Piazza Titan's Piazza
Page 67
Figure 13
Benjamin Silliman
Benjamin Silliman Benjamin Silliman
Page 73
Section II
Conway View Conway View
Page 75
Chapter 7
Conway farm
Conway Farm Conway Farm
Page 78
Figure 14
Hitchcock ordination
Page 79
Figure 15
Map of Conway
Conway map
Page 81
Figure 16 Hydnum imbricatum
Hydnum umbricatum
Page 85
Figure 17aa
Fungi, Selecti Picti, cover
Fungi Selecti Picti Fungi Selecti Picti

Page 85
Figure 17ba
Fungi, Selecti Picti, page
Fungi Selecti Picti Fungi Selecti Picti
Page 87
Chapter 8
Camp meeting
Camp Meeting
Page 91
Figure 18
Botrychium simplex
Botrychium simplex Botrychium simplex
Page 97
Figure 19
Utility of Natural History
Utility of Natural History Utility of Natural History
Page 99
Figure 20
Diluvial Hillocks
Diluvial Hillocks
Page 101
Figure 21
State of Church & People of Conway
Sermon Sermon
Page 103
Chapter 9
Burial Hill
Burial Hill
Page 106
Figure 22
Carex hitchcockiana
Carex hitchcockiana Carex hitchcockiana
Page 109
Figure 23

Page 110
Figure 24
Little Edward's grave
Little Edward's Grave Little Edward's Grave
Page 111
Chapter 10
Chemistry laboratory
Laboratory Laboratory
Page 115
Figure 25
Small apparatus of a laboratory
Apparatus Apparatus
Page 118
Figure 26
Simple and common blow pipes
Blow Pipes
Page 121
Section III
Phoenix Row, Amherst, 1840
Phoenix Row Phoenix Row
Page 123
Chapter 11
Amherst Common
Amherst Town Common Amherst Town Common
Page 130
Figure 27
Map of Amherst, 1833
Amherst map Amherst map
Page 133
Chapter 12
Hitchcock home in Amherst, 1905
Hitchcock House Hitchcock House
Page 135
Figure 28
Zephaniah Swift Moore
Zephaniah Moore
Page 139
Figure 29
Lecture notes on Geology
Geology lecture notes Geology lecture notes
Page 141
Figure 30
Posters by Orra White Hitchcock
Posters Posters
Page 145
Chapter 13
View of Amherst, 1835
Amherst from Mt Pleasant
Page 148
Figure 31
Dyspepsy Forestalled and Resisted
Dyspesy cover
Page 151
Figure 32
Mineralogy advertisement, 1817
Mineralogy Advertisement Mineralogy Advertisement
Page 154
Figure 33
Rocking Stone: Fall River
Rocking Stone
Page 155
Chapter 14
Cape Ann
Cape Ann
Page 158
Figure 34a
Maps of Hitchcock's geological surveys
Survey Map 1 Survey Map 1
Page 159
Figure 34b
Maps of Hitchcock's geological surveys
Survey Maps 3 and 4 Survey Maps 3 and 4
Page 162
Figure 35
Geological map of Massachusetts, 1833
Mass Geol Map Mass Geol Map
Page 165
Figure 36
Hitchcock's geological survey notes
Geological Survey Notes Geological Survey Notes
Page 167
Figure 37
Confluence of Deerfield and Conn Rivers
Confluence Confluence
Page 173
Figure 38
Louis Agassiz (1807-1873)
Louis Agassiz Louis Agassiz
Page 176
Figure 39
Gay Head
Gay Head
Page 177
Chapter 15 "The Return," 1839
The Return The Return
Page 180
Figure 40
Hitchcock account book
Hitchcock Account Book Hitchcock Account Book
Page 183
Figure 41
Fossilized fern
Fern fossil
Page 184
Figure 42
Bashapish Falls
Bashapish Falls
Page 188
Figure 43
Map of Locations of Fossil Footmarks
Footmarks map
Page 189
Chapter 16 View of Moody footmark quarry
Footmarks Footmarks
Page 191
Figure 44
Dr. James Deane (1801-1858) 
James Deane James Deane
Page 193
Figure 45
Red sandstone slabs with tracks
Sandstone slabs
Page 194
Figure 46
Taxonomy of fossil footmarks, 1836
Page 201
Chapter 17 Amherst College, 1821
Amherst College 1821
Page 203
Figure 47
Rev. Heman Humphrey (1779-1861)
Heman Humphrey
Page 204
Figure 48
"Whole Hog Abolitionist"
Whole hog abolitionist
Page 209
Figure 49
Samuel Williston
Samuel Williston Samuel Williston
Page 211
Section IV
The President's House, Amherst College
Presidents House
Page 213
Chapter 18
North-western view of Amherst College, 1839
Amherst College 1839 Amherst College 1839
Page 220
Figure 50a
Edward Hitchcock
Edward Hitchcock Edward Hitchcock
Page 221
Figure 50b
Orra White Hitchcock
Orra White Hitchcock Orra White Hitchcock
Page 223
Chapter 19 View from Mount Holyoke
View from Mt Holyoke
Page 229
Figure 51
Map of Mountain Excursions
Mountain excursions map
Page 235
Figure 52
"The Inseparable Trio"
Inseparable Trio
Page 236
Figure 53
Diluvial grooves in gneiss, 1833
Gneiss Gneiss
Page 237
Chapter 20
Woods Cabinet and Observatory
Woods Cabinet
Page 240
Figure 54
Lawrence Observatory
Telescope Telescope
Page 241
Figure 55
Charles U. Shepard Collections
Shepard Collection
Page 245
Figure 56
Cascade in Leverett
Leverett Cascade
Page 247
Chapter 21
Steamer Liverpool
Steamship Liverpool Steamship Liverpool
Page 251
Figure 57
Map of Hitchcocks' European Tour
Map of European tour
Page 259
Chapter 22
American railroad
American Railroad
Page 263
Figure 58
New library at Amherst College
Library Library
Page 266
Figure 59
Cover of Religion of Geology, 1859
Religion of Geology Religion of Geology
Page 271
Figure 60
Hitchcock testimonials
Page 275
Figure 61
Assyrian relief
Nineveh Nineveh
Page 279
Section V
Appleton Cabinet, 1858
Appleton Cabinet Appleton Cabinet
Page 281
Chapter 23
Interior of Ichnological Cabinet, 1858
Exhibit of footmarks Exhibit of footmarks
Page 288
Figure 62a
Fern fossil Clathropteris Clathropteris
Page 288
Figure 62b
Shell fossil Clathropteris Clathropteris
Page 294
Figure 63
Sandstone slabs with tracks
Plates from Ichnology Plates from Ichnology
Page 295
Chapter 24
Sleigh ride
Sleigh Ride
Page 303
Figure 64
Turner's Falls lithograph
Turners Falls Turners Falls
Page 307
Figure 65
Microscope drawings
Microscopic Illustrations Microscopic Illustrations
Page 310
Figure 66
Interior of Appleton Cabinet
Appleton Cabinet Interior Appleton Cabinet Interior
Page 315
Chapter 25
Orra White Hitchcock portrait
Orra portrait Orra portrait
Page 320
Figure 67
Rev. William A. Stearns (1810-1884)
President Stearns
Page 321
Figure 68
Megatherium Megatherium
Page 322
Figure 69
Dr. Edward Hitchcock, Jr.
Edward Hitchcock Jr
Page 323
Figure 70
Charles H. Hitchcock
Charles Hitchcock
Page 326
Figure 71
Map of Amherst College, 1860
Amherst College map
Page 328
Figure 72
Rev. William S. Tyler (1810-1897)
William S Tyler
Page 329
Chapter 26
Portrait of Edward Hitchcock, 1863
Hitchcock portrait
Page 335
Figure 73
View of Amherst College, 1859-60
View of Amherst College View of Amherst College
Page 337
Figure 74
Advertisement for Reminiscences
Reminiscences advertisement
Page 339
Chapter 27
Amherst's third meetinghouse
Amherst's Third Meetinghouse
Page 346
Figure 75
Emily Hitchcock Terry
Emily Hitchcock Terry
Page 347
Figure 76
Hitchcock monument, West Cemetery
Hitchcock Monument Hitchcock Monument
Page 351
Chapter 28
Sandstone slab with tracks
Sandstone slab Sandstone slab
Page 357
Figure 77
Page 359
Figure 78
Tracks of Anomoepus
Tracks Tracks
Page 361
Chapter 29
Palaeontological Chart
Palaeontological Chart Palaeontological Chart
Page 365
Figure 79a
Origin of Species
Origin of Species Origin of Species
Page 365
Figure 79b
Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin Charles Darwin


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